Director of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University

Philip Hsu is currently Professor of Political Science, and the Director of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University. He is a member of the editorial board of Issues & Studies and Chinese Political Science Review. He was an assistant research fellow at the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, and a member of the Consultative Board of the Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. Professor Hsu received his doctoral degree from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. His research interests include comparative politics (with particular emphasis on the People’s Republic of China), political economy, and international relations (with particular emphasis on Asia-Pacific international security and economic cooperation). His articles have been published in The Pacific Review, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Contemporary China, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Issues & Studies, etc. He is also co-editors of In Search of China’s Development Model: Beyond the Beijing Consensus (New York: Routledge, 2010) (with Yu-Shan Wu and Suisheng Zhao), Democracy, Democratization and Governance Performance (Hangzhou, China: Zhejiang University Press, 2010) (with Yu Xunda, in simple Chinese), Taiwan Investment in China: Interviews with Renowned Entrepreneurs and Scholars (Taipei: INK, 2009) (with Te-sheng Chen, in traditional Chinese), Strategies in Branding, Marketing & Cultural and Creative Industry: A Cross-border Comparative Study and the Development of China’s Market (Taipei: INK) (with Te-sheng Chen, in traditional Chinese), and Political Challenges and Democratic Institutions: International and Taiwan’s Perspectives (with Chang-Ling Huang)(Taipei: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, 2007), among others.


Executive Director of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University

Chi-Ting Tsai is currently Associate Professor of Political Science and the Executive Director of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University. Professor Tsai holds a doctorate degree from Cornell University Law School. Professor Tsai’s research interests include Public International law, Constitutional law, Administrative Law, National Security Law, Legal Empirical Study.His articles have been published in China Post, Taiwanese Journal of Political Science, Studies of Chinese Communism, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, etc.


Research Fellow of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University

George Yin received his Ph.D. in government from Harvard University, his MSc in political economy and political science from the London School of Economics. His research examines international security with tools from political economy, behavioural economics, and social psychology. Specifically, his research often investigates when and why states – at both the elite and the public levels -- make suboptimal decisions
despite the pressures of great power competition, with reference to U.S.-Taiwan-China relations and 19th century great power politics. His works have been published in Foreign Affairs, Asian Survey, the National Interest, War on the Rocks, among others.

Dr. Yin has worked with the Kennedy family to edit and publish the Chinese version of JFK: A Vision for America, the official volume that commemorates the centennial of President John F. Kennedy’s birth. Dr Yin has also published a series of essays on Taiwan’s grand strategy (小國大戰略; “grand strategy for a small state”) in one of Taiwan's major newspapers; they are some of the mostly widely-read pieces on foreign policy in Taiwan.

At the Center for China Studies, his research focuses on examining how American foreign policy elites’ views on China have evolved. Currently, Dr Yin is analysing an original dataset that codes how U.S. think tank reports portray China (e.g., whether it is a revisionist power) and the associated policy prescriptions (e.g., whether to rely on diplomatic dialogue) in the context of maritime issues.

Dr. Yin is also an associate-in-research at the Harvard University Fairbanks Center for Chinese Studies and the youngest senior advisor to Taiwan's Strait Exchange Foundation in its history (SEF; Taiwan's key organization handling affairs with China). Formerly, he was the executive director for the Caucus on Strategic and Diplomacy Consensus at Taiwan’s parliament and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. He had also taught at Swarthmore and Dartmouth.

His analysis has appeared in the BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, National Public Radio, the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), Voice of America (VOA), Le Figaro, and the Swiss Public Radio, among others.



Administrative Specialist of Center for China Studies, National Taiwan University

Wan-Ting Lin (Tammy)