Missions and Visions

The Center for China Studies (CCS), National Taiwan University was established in 2005. The Missions and Goals of the CCS are:

  • Establishing Taiwan’s major research-oriented center, with far-reaching influence in Asia and around the globe, on contemporary China’s domestic and international affairs.
  • Fostering academic research along various disciplines in social sciences on contemporary China.
  • Providing policy-relevant perspectives for the ROC government or any other possible interested party.
  • Promoting exchanges and cooperation with academic institutions in China, through mutual visits, workshops, conferences, joint programs, and joint publications published in both Taiwan and China.
  • Pursuing internationalization of Taiwan’s China studies, through exchanges and cooperation with international academic institutions in Asia and the English-speaking world, via conferences, joint programs, and joint publications released in the English-speaking world.
  • Playing a key role in affecting the intellectual agenda of the international academic community of China studies.
  • Offering Taiwan’s understanding and interpretation of the rise of China for the rest of the world, and exercising Taiwan’s unique leverage in affecting institutional and ideational changes within China in the long run.